Opportunity for Massive Employment creation in the Country.

A boost in ease of doing business for the existing entrepreneurs.
A lift to create Micro Entrepreneurs starting from the Villages.
Opportunity to create a SMART VILLAGE setup and move towards DIGITAL BHARATH.
The CENTRE FOR DEVELOPMENT OF TELEMATICS (CDOT) Facilitates the PM-WANI in coordination with Wi-DOT.

Proven Technology to Strengthen your defenses.

UV Disinfectant Sanitizing Terminal - A one spot solution to fight all pathogens including Covid and SARS

Who We Are

TTTS, a startup company, having group of expertized in Telecom and Engineering Services. A hard core experience of 25 Years in Telecom sector and proven track record of Telecom, SCADA and Surveillance Project deployments. Channel Partners of the most advanced FO-PIDS and HFDS based FBG Sensor Technology.

Our Mission is to strive towards Better Health and a Brighter Future for people worldwide through leading innovation in technology. Provide easy and affordable solutions using technology through innovative & well researched applications and products. Genuine, Affordable, Trust worthy and Fairness to delivering our products and services to everyone alike. Established by our founding spirit and integral to every part of our business, TTTS will guide every one of us to achieve our VISION 2025.

More about TESS AND TERA

What we do

We, at TESS AND TERA Techno Solutions, are a Technology and Services-based organization focused on Developing & Deploying innovative products relevant to consumer needs. We are team with 75 years of collective experience in technology related projects including Telecom 4G/5G and going towards 6G Wi-Fi Services in many geographies across India.

Our expertise

TESS AND TERA Techno Solutions launched the COVICUREFGH TERMINAL, 3 in 1 solution for the disinfection of all the pathogen including covid-19, SARs/Pathogen Series.

CovicureFGH is originated by the aim of developing great confidence in the society in this pandemic situation. Sanitization is highly prioritized for the control of COVID-19. This FHG terminal will facilitate 99.9% spread barrier by disinfecting FOOT SOLE, VALLET/GADGET and Sanitizing HANDS.

COVICURE FGH Terminal is ONE SPOT SOLUTION for all the pathogen causing deadly infections. The Terminal is tailored with high engineering standards to fit for the ages 7 years and above. Overall the concept’s design is user-friendly and technically sound.

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Wi-DOT a brand from TESS AND TERA Techno Solutions P Ltd is empowered by C-DOT (The Centre for Development of Telematics) as a PDO’s Aggregator in line with the DoT compliance. Wi-DOT is in coordination with Renowned Manufacturers of Telecom Industry and Global OEMs like ITI & Aggressive.

The digital initiative is expected to be more business friendly and in line with efforts for ease of doing business. The COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated delivery of stable and high speed broadband internet (data) services to an increasingly large number of subscribers in the country including areas which do not have 4G mobile coverage. This can be achieved by deployment of public Wi-Fi.

Wi-DOT IS THE FUTURE Next Generation Wi-Fi-6 Access Network on Digital Optic Technology. USING Next Generation FSO (Free Space Optics) wireless Network INTERFACING WITH ARTIFICIAL SATELLITE TECHNOLOGY

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Faster deployments with agile, reliable and secure networks to interconnect public, enterprise, education, healthcare and entertainment sector etc.

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